Back to School

I have some good news and some bad news. Believe it or not, classes start in a day. Depending on your outlook on life and whether or not you have 8am classes, that could be the bad news. One thing we can all agree on though is what is definitely good news; the brotherhood will start meeting again!

After a long, hopefully exciting summer, I think we are all ready to see every one of you beautiful souls and hear all the amazing things you've managed to accomplish over the past three months. Whether you were delivering meals for your non-profit you started (woooo Nourish!), volunteering at an animal shelter, or working your butt off at your summer job so you can spend your semester making the world a better place with us, we want to hear about it (specifically me because I can write some cool stuff about you on here :) ).

So since most of us haven't seen each other in quite a bit, I'd love to update you on what is happening currently and what we can all look forward to:

  • Regionals is coming up in November, but early registration ends SEPTEMBER 1ST. Don't forget everybody or ELSE... nothing will happen to you I promise, except maybe missing out on the coolest event of your life. Click here to fill out the google form.
  • Our lovely Service Vice Presidents are asking for participation in developing the service program. They want your ideas, so send them in! It's great to have brothers involved as much as possible so whatever you have in mind, send an email to
  • WOW we are looking for some leaders. Obviously, they are in no short supply in our chapter but there are many chair positions and minor leadership roles that need to be filled. Every job is important, no matter how small. Take a look at the list
  • RUSH *no way no wayyyyy* yes, rush is right around the corner and our a-mazing rush chairs have revealed probably the cutest theme I've ever seen in my life: "Finding APO," ya know, like Finding Nemo?! If no one goes around yelling "Have you seen my son?! They took my son!" during rush events I will be severely disappointed in all of you. First event is Meet the Geeks coming up September 7th from 10-2pm on McKeldin Mall. Be there or be square. 
Sorry this post is so lengthy but we have so much to look forward to and the semester has yet to even begin! I think I speak for all of us when I say I can't wait to get back to making the world a better place with every single one of you.